Cinemagraph Pro App Reviews

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Coolest photo / video app I’ve ever seen!

Flixel reminds me of CS5 but lets me make the most amazing images. A total update on photography and an App i’ll be using in all studio shoots from now on! Wonderful and amazing!


I bought this app on a whim. I’ve used Photoshop to attempt to create Cinemagraphs before which always takes forever. I gave this app a shot and had a beautiful one ready within 5 minutes. Highly recommended to photographers or people wanting to experiment with this new media form

This will change photography as we know it

Absolutely incredible…a must have!!!

Awesome app!

The other guy that wrote a review obviously didnt know how to use this app cause its pretty great. I also scored it at 15$ and it works great especially with these updates that keep improving it. Worth the buy

Not Worth It

Not worth it at any price and certainly not worth it at its regular price.


This should not be listed as being free. Sure, a user can download the program, but the user can only demo the program once downloaded as the flixel watermark remains. It’s like getting a new car for free but not being able to drive it anywhere other than the showroom. It’s a misleading and snakeish ploy to hook people into purchasing the product because they had already invested time.

Bait and switch

I bought this a while back. Now the version that I have won’t run and wants me to download the Freemium version with in-app purchase. Deceiving.

Great App and easy to create Cinemagraphs

Love this App and love creating Cinemagraphs. Incredible quality and ease of use. Loving the new iOS 4.0 as well as can now go back and forth between documents.

Still needs some bug fixing

It’s quite nice app. Making cinemagrams is really easy. I’ve run into two problems so far: - sometimes it freezes on rendering process, - some rendered gifs are static and there is no animation visible (opposite to what was visible in the preview in the app).

you need to buy the pro version...

If you don’t buy the Pro version, watermarks are added.


This application is incredible. It really works as advertised and gets the job done. The outcome is great. This is good for anyone who wants to make their pictures have a little extra pizzazz to it.

A GODSEND for Hybrid Photographers

I totally love this application. I am a photographer and my tools of the trade are the Lumix GH3, GX7, and soon to be GH4. Being able to create living photos with ease, just adds to my services that I can provide to my customers.

Great, focused app

You can know when an app is great when you want to do something and the option is right where you think it should be. This is a great app in that way. It’s intensly focused on doing one thing really, really well. This app isn’t for image manipulation, video editing, or a number of other things. It’s for creating really great cinemagraphs, and wow does it succeed at that. I genually had fun creating a little cinemagraph and I’m looking forward to using the app more in the future.

Does his Job

Great little Application, which does as promised, not more or less. Bear in mind this can be done in Photoshop 5-6 extended as well. Exports in 4k and makes things really simple, worth the discounted price.

5 stars… at the discounted price ($15)

For what this app does, the $200 original price is asinine; for the $15 they are asking now, it’s a STEAL. It makes creating cinemagraphs - something that can be done in Photoshop, albeit much more time consuming - incredibly simple, while adding some output options that aren’t available in other programs. Don’t get fooled by the quick demo videos online - you can do a quick job in a few seconds, but if you take your time a bit, you can create some beautiful results with this software. This isn’t something that gets used for substantial portion of my portfolio and website, but for the occasional image with a little something extra, it’s wonderful.

What? This app crashes my whole computer.

I can mask for about 5 minutes and then my computer comes to a halt, the little, grey progress circle comes up in the midle of the screen, and then my computer reboots itself. I haven’t had this happen in years. Even at $15, this app is terrible.

$200 isn’t as bad as you think, but $15 is way better...

Compared to plugins and other professional tools $200 really isn’t that bad, not great, but not awful. At $15 this is going to become a useful part of my toolkit.

Not for still photographers

One can see from the reviews that the app is appreciated by many. I was given the impression that the app worked with a sequence of single frame inputs as well. Be warned, this app uses a movie as its input and will not accept a sequence of JPEGs, TIFFs, or other still formats. I cannot use this application without bringing my image sequence into Photoshop or some other application and making a moview of them first. If you only own a tradtional DSLR, and not one of the newest ones that include movie capabilities, this app is not for you!

A codec for that movie is not available.

If you shoot with all Apple equipment (iPhones), import with apps like Aperture or iPhoto, and then expect to use this app, that’s the message you’ll get. Whatever, $15 wasted.

Not crazy about it

The design is pretty basic. That is all.

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